The Fan Experience

Fans.  Every successful sporting organization has a great fan base that drives the sustainability of that organization.  Without those loyal fan’s, season tickets are not sold, sponsorship deals are not brokered, merchandise is not sold, and big TV deals do not exist.  It all starts with the fans!


Fans are the foundation.  However in this new era of sports they are getting harder and harder to acquire.  Fans now have more to choose from.  They are choosing smart as they understand the need and value of their purchase.  To gain a new season ticket holder you need to work harder than ever now.  Needing to sell them tickets with incentive, amenities, and a promise of a great experience.  A fan expects perfection each and every time they drive towards the venue as that drive comes with a great deal of stress (traffic, parking, long restroom lines and even longer concessions lines).  Nonetheless, a high percentage of fans despite the expense still embark in the journey to cheer for the team and favorite player.


As a team business leader, it’s imperative that your fans receive the best service while in your venue.  Service that often starts with your food service provider, your food and beverage hospitality can be up to 50% of your fans experience.  Yes, 50% that’s a big number and even bigger risk as you do not control those slow-moving concessions lines that may greet them without a smile.  More than often, bad service can be countered with great food and bad food with great service.  However, not in sports and entertainment, fans expect and deserve the total package.


With social media influencing decisions it’s a big risk if you are not properly managing your food service provider.  I know it’s hard to believe what you are reading but it’s true.  Food service providers lead you to believe you are hiring the best.  Believe me, I have been in the room during RFP presentations and executive meetings listening to empty promises trying to figure out how as a food service business leader I was going to uphold.  Leaving you to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars doing internal audits, hiring a guest service team and losing fans and season ticket holders faster that you can sign new ones because the value and hospitality experience is not there.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

Food service companies control a great deal of your business and impact your fans first hand and directly.

  These impacts affect your per-caps, fan retention and also your ranking amongst your league.  It’s never too late to ask for help, it’s never too late to consult with an expert an expert that works for you.  


The team at First Star Solutions can help properly educate and manage your food and beverage provider, however, be ready I know how they operate.  They will tell you everything to discourage the support of a consultant.  Let’s take control back, sign better deals and keep your fans in your building.


If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions below, contact First Star Solutions.


·      Slowing Moving Lines at Concessions

·      Not ranking high on league audits

·      Food service contract up for renewal

·      Need food and beverage concepts and creativity

·      Having issues with local and state health departs